Digital Transformation

Achieve a transformation of processes, systems and people




The exponential growth of digital technologies within our industry is as unstoppable as it is essential. It brings differential value in the evolution of processes, products and services in the industry, as well as allowing us to explore new business models.


The transformation towards Smart Industry requires a proper digitalization strategy that makes profitable use of all the possibilities 4.0 technological enablers provide our industry.


Sisteplant can draw on a wealth of experience and real-life understanding of the both the definition and the implementation of Smart Manufacturing. Our specialists deep dive into your company’s needs, letting you align objectives as regards implementation of advanced manufacturing technologies, robustness, agility and flexibility of processes, as well as efficient and profitable digitization using Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) within the concept of Manufacturing Intelligence. We draw a customized digital map which guides the way to successful execution focused on profitability and confident decision-making.



The process of Digital Transformation is both critical and highly-strategic for organizations in any sector. Making the wrong calls at the project definition phase can seriously hinder chances of achieving a modern, competitive industrial model built upon the principles of the Smart Factory.


The Digital Transformation we advocate at Sisteplant is constructed on the foundations of carefully-designed methodology that analyzes the characteristics of each company and defines both what needs to be achieved and the steps to get there. The process includes:


  • Accurately defining your starting point.
  • Comparison - benchmarking with reference organizations.
  • Studying the Transformation potential that technology offers in terms of its potential fit for your company.
  • Deepening technological maturity of potential initiatives.
  • Analysing the impact of business initiatives on your global industrial strategy and business.ç
  • Establishing your priority matrix.
  • Designing the PTD/DTP and its implementation plan.