Business Transformation

Carry out a deep reengineering of your business. Get to adapt and evolve




Organizations are constantly facing scenarios that can destabilize the normal course of your business in ways impossible to predict: new macroeconomic or geostrategic situations, new competitors, new regulations, radical evolution of products or technologies… Each factor can have more or less of an impact depending on your context. Becoming resilient to changing realities may require a profound re-engineering of your business itself, of your processes, your supply chain, organizational structure, training for your operational team or the technology you need to leverage. 


The Sisteplant team can draw on our wealth of experience and multisectorial vision and this allows us to design projects that tackle each of our clients’ unique problems. It’s about analyzing the drivers that affect you and establishing the right strategy to adapt and evolve your business:


"It’s not about surviving; you’ll thrive if you can transform obstacles into drivers of change that let you build more efficient models and future-proof your competitiveness".


The support we provide is tailored to the needs of each company but always includes a common element: fast identification of opportunities with a high impact on bottom line so you can build a strategy with a wider scope, identifying actions that ensure the stability and profitability of the business model in the future. 


Our work includes: 


  • Fast diagnosis using the External Investor or Venture Capital operating models.
  • Data-driven financial analysis and forecasting models as well as industry benchmarks and best practices.
  • Design of your strategy and business plan to take on new markets/products:
    • Operational transformation aimed at cost efficiency and revenue growth. 
    • Technological development plan and adaptation of current means.
    • Adequacy analysis of organizational structures and planning for their evolution.
    • Making your business model more flexible: means and people.
    • Evaluation of mergers, acquisitions and divestments as mechanisms for generating operational value.
  • Defining traceability between identified opportunities and income.
  • Management and support throughout the process of change. Implementation of improvements through structured methodology.
  • Management of communications to the different agents within the company and support in the implementation process.
  • Sustainability audit of the new model.