International Strategy

It achieves a global optimization of the value chain




Growing your business internationally means implementing locally. The technological means available in a specific location, the industrial culture, training up your people or the country's infrastructure are just some factors to be taken into account for successful implementation that lasts.

That said, there are many industries that have gone in this direction without success and that are currently considering relocation (reshoring) to abroad, which is not without its own difficulties:

    • Refocusing your business in terms of technology and added value to ensure its competitiveness.
    • Investment financing.
    • Recovery of supply chains that in many cases will have disappeared.
    • Transferring the necessary agility requirements to your supply chain.


When imagining relocation projects, we need to look at what led to decision and the different relocation options, taking into account the entire value chain. The ultimate goal should be to design a new economically-viable model that is also agile, competitive and stable, with high customization and service capabilities. 



  • Industrial Plan for International Operations.

    • Footprint: distributing production operations internationally to take advantage of opportunities in each region as well as the composition of demand.

    • Radical innovations in process design and automation.

    • Supply Chain.

    • Operational flows.

    • Reshoring (if applicable).

  • Transfer of Best Practices.

    • Manufacturing strategy built around efficient, country-specific criteria of automation, flexibility and versatility.

    • Industrial Organizational Model and implementation of the matrix's Best Practices.

    • Logistics optimization (lay-out, flows, cells, supply chain).

    • Flexible handling, storage and automation.

    • Robust Processes (zero defects) , Continuous Improvement and 6 Sigma.

    • Functional specifications to be provided to local civic works and installations authorities.