Advenced Manufacturing

Achieve a comprehensive transformation of your organization through our Tecnoiplant methodology




At Sisteplant, we are industrial engineering pioneers in the implementation of the Advanced Manufacturing known today a factory 4.0 or 5.0.


Our first smart factory model in 2013 was conceived to create smarter, more human factories; a model with the power to customize products, built from the knowledge of people in our industry. We call this disruptive concept TECNOIPLANT.


Our methodology is based on 6 transformation pillars around which we lay down a clear, practical road map to apply the right Smart Factory for each sector and the specifics of your business; we know that generic proposals are unrealistic proposals.


Our work methodology is 360°, covering every step towards your smart factory. We handle the strategy, the rethinking of your operations management model, the incorporation of disruptive manufacturing tech, analyzing the feasibility of technological enablers, the best strategy for your human team and, of course, efficient digitization of processes. We go beyond designing your Smart Factory strategy to its sustainable implementation on the solid foundations of extreme agility, zero defects, robustness and ROI.

Our experience as pioneers coupled with our investment in innovation mean we can provide the highest value in each sector and specific company by finding the harmony between Manufacturing Technologies, Digital Technologies, Industrial Organization and People.


Sisteplant designs and implements the right Smart Factory model for your company. Our work is built on 6 pillars - Agility, Robustness, Supply Chains, Smart Factory (Disruptive Processes), Human Factory and Digital Factory, with premises such as:​


  • Extremely flexible advanced automation (e.g. short-series oriented/increasing customization)
  • Product and process lifecycle evolution plan.
  • Extremely agile supply chains.
  • Mastering your processes.
  • Evolution of human capital (technology of people). Human 4.0.
  • Your roadmap for technology, organization and economic returns.
  • Agile design for demanding service.
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies. 
  • Highly reliable processes.
  • Smart Factory (Intelligent digitization):
    • Manufacturing Intelligence.
    • Maintenance Intelligence.
    • Simulation & Optimization and Machine Learning.
    • Improvement Management
  • Synchronization with the Supply Chain.